The Rise of 1099 in Legit Home Base Business

In 2011 it has become the rise of 1099 because of massive lay offs in our economy. People longer have the desire to work for peanuts to make others rich. People are looking for legit home base business to run. Those that look into training in Network marketing to make extra income from home have started looking for MLM training online. The belly to belly way of building a Network marketing business has changed from 1980′s to 2011. Belly to belly marketing is making your list of 100 people in your warm market meaning friends and family. Distributors have graduated to using methods that go beyond their warm marketing by using the phone, internet, and written word. The first stage of building your skill set is learning to talk with a cold calling script over the phone to prospects. This art of prospecting will allow you to build a skill set that cost you last over time and is more effective by calling cheap leads.

Smart training in Network marketing will teach you how to find your target audience without bugging your friends and family. The reality is 95% of the people you know don’t care about your business venture. They don’t care if it is a legitimate home based business opportunities. I’m sure you’re thinking if they don’t care how I will grow my business from home. Remember, I talk about going beyond your warm market. Don’t get tripped up like most people when they join a legit home base business. Their running all across town to sign someone up into their business; however, they are wasting gas to sign someone up. When it would make sense to be able to pick up the telephone with your cold calling scripts sign someone up in your business. With the right MLM training online you will be shown how use the phone, internet, and written word to build a massive down line.

To run legitimate home base business opportunities is opening your eyes to discover online MLM secrets to grow your business without relying on out dated and ineffective warm market techniques that are being taught. This is crucial to your success in your legit home base business it’s all about learning marketing. Here’s example called, “The Bridge, The 3-Way Bonding Technique”. When it comes to the “The Bridge” it is simple when there are two point for example like Point 1 to Point 2. Point 1 is a place of pain or unhappiness. Your prospect has a low credit score at 625 that will not allow him to purchase the house of his dreams. However, you can help him get to point 2 a place of pleasure, comfort and happiness. By fixing his credit and paying off debt. This will allow him in 6 months to increase his credit score by 150 with your financial services program. Now, he will be at 725 this will allow him to get a better interest rate and better monthly mortgage.

When it come to 3-Way Bonding Technique is a mindful marketing method where you, the marketer, intentionally create connections among three points. They are the following: Your Prospect – Your Product – You

By using this method you will be able to increase sales conversations for your business. To learn how to get prospects to point 1 to point 2 with the 3 way bonding technique with a step by step guide training in Network Marketing. To see a free video go to 3 Way Bonding for running a legit home base business.

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